Taking a break from freelancing

To be honest, we all know I take social media way too seriously and I justify it by telling myself it’s how I find my freelance gigs and platforms so many of my passion projects. I’m just rambling here. I know I’m addicted. I know it’s not healthy.

 Taking a break from freelancing makes me feel like a failure because I’m not working fast enough for it to become my full-time gig. I see so many “calls for illustrators, designers, or artists” that I want to apply to, but I barely have enough time to keep my personal and professional shit together.

I’m considering making the decision to step away from freelancing so I can illustrate and design for the hell of it again. For F U N !!! Which never happens anymore. I just wanna do fun weird projects again. Like paint cow stools or make bagels. Tbh call me Yorozuya Felix-san 👨‍🎨 (Dumb reference to Gintama)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful! Lately all of the projects I’ve taken on have been a blast though, and I feel truly humbled to work with such incredible clients. A part of me doesn’t want to miss out on that!!

Anyway, it’s late at night, I’m burnt out, probably depressed, and addicted to anime and manga like a dumb weeb. Who even knows what the point of this post is. To vent? Either way I’m grateful I even have the option to contemplate freelancing as a career. 

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